Suffolk 4x4 Club

About Us

Suffolk Four Wheel Drive Club was founded in 1986 by a small group of off-road enthusiasts aiming to cater for drivers of all makes of 4x4, not just Land Rovers.

From its beginnings, the emphasis has been on a friendly, fun approach to off-road events, with enough rules to maintain safety standards, without becoming bogged down with regulations for their own sake.

New members have always been welcomed, with friendly advice for novice drivers and the offer of a tow out whenever anyone gets stuck….once a photo or two has been taken.

The majority of the club’s events have been competitive trials, carried out within the regulatory control of the Motor Sports Association; promotional driving days open to the public, plus occasional social and challenge type events. All club events are carried out on private land, with the landowner’s consent and appropriate competition and/or public liability insurance.

In addition to trials, the club holds three Public Driving Days throughout the year. As the name suggests, these are open to the public who are welcome to come and pay and drive their own vehicles, without the commitment of actually joining the club. There is always help in the form of both friendly advice on off-road driving techniques and recovery, if necessary.

Over time, the competition element of the club has evolved to comprise four classes of competitive vehicles: for details see our Competition Rules page.

Our competitive events can be entered with anything from a standard road going 4x4, providing it has a few minor safety features and good tow points to purpose built specials with full roll cages, differential locks etc etc.

Trials are competitive events where entrants take it in turn to drive relatively short courses negotiating a range of terrain. The intended route being between pairs of numbered canes, referred to as gates. The idea is to drive as much of the route or section as possible without touching the canes or stopping. It is not a speed event, and can therefore be attempted with the minimum risk of vehicle damage.

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